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Recycling of recycled PVC pellets from PVC film?

by:LINYANG     2020-09-02
PVC recycled pellets of PVC film, PVC recycled pellets can be used to produce heavy packaging bags, agricultural water pipes, shoe soles, and other packaging films. Packaging film materials include cellophane (Sailoling), pe, pvc and various composite films. The single-layer packaging film of one material can be directly made into plastic products or granulated into various products after sorting and washing, just like agricultural films. Composite films include composite films of different plastics and films made of plastic and paper, aluminum foil, and other materials. The recycling process after recycling is more complicated, such as: multilayer plastic composite film, multilayer plastic composite film has pe/pp, pe /eva/pe, pe/adhesive/pa/adhesive/pe, pp/pvdc, etc. Before recycling, different materials must be separated first. Solvent separation method can be used for separation.
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