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Quantum car Film electronic warranty makes fake car film Nowhere to Hide

by:LINYANG     2020-01-11


automobile membrane plays an important role in protecting automobiles, so it is especially important to select membrane products with good quality. Recently, the quantum film has launched a cross-era quantum car film Electronic Warranty. Using electronic warranty, after the construction of the car owner's film is completed, the store should be required to enter the warranty information on the spot through the network platform, and will receive the warranty MMS, and the owner information can be queried on the official website on the spot, the owner who has completed the online information entry will receive the factory's warranty message in about a week to ensure that you are posting a genuine quantum film product.

Electronic warranty of quantum automobile film makes fake car film Nowhere to hide

The system brings the following incomparable guarantee and feedback to car owners:

timely warranty: after the construction, the owner of the car can assist the staff of the franchise store to fill in the relevant information, and can be on the official website on the spot (cn. solargard. com)Timely query to the warranty information.

unique identity: each roll of film is given a unique reel number from the beginning of original production. The warranty quantity of each roll of film is strictly limited, and the system keeps track of it, until the franchise store completes sales, construction, and entry warranty.

integral feedback: all the quality assurance information entered through the quantum film modern customer management system will be enough to obtain corresponding points. Can go to the quantum film Shu rejia owner club (cn. solargard. com/club), Exchange the corresponding gifts.

compared with the traditional quality assurance process in the industry, Quantum Film reduces the tedious process of quality assurance application and saves time for car owners, more able to buy the film at the moment of buying the film'Verify the body', Really made the fake car film Nowhere to hide.

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