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Qingdao Agricultural film quality inspection pass rate reached 90%

by:LINYANG     2020-01-10

Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision recently reported the results of the municipal supervision and spot check on the quality of agricultural film products in 2012. The qualified rate of physical products was 90%, and one batch of products failed to pass the tensile load.

This time, 10 batches of agricultural film products produced by 10 enterprises in Pingdu, Jiaozhou, Sifang, Lacey and other places were randomly selected, the main varieties are polyethylene blown agricultural ground covering film, seedling raising film, etc. , according to GB/T20202-2006 ethylene for agriculture-Vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA)Blow molding film, GB13735- 1992 'polyethylene blown agricultural ground covering film' and other standard requirements, for tensile load (Strength), Elongation at break, right angle tear load (Strength)And other items were tested.

after inspection, a batch of Qingdao Fengyuan Agricultural Materials Co. , Ltd. 'Siyuan'Polyethylene blown agricultural floor covering film (Specifications: 900 ×0. 008 (mm)Production date/batch number: 2012-03), The tensile load item is unqualified. The quality supervision department said that the unqualified index will cause the product to have insufficient tensile strength during use and easy to break, which may have adverse effects on agricultural production.

It is reported that the quality supervision bureau has investigated and dealt with unqualified products according to law.

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