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PVC transparent film can appear in our life through

by:LINYANG     2020-06-23
The transparent PVC film is obviously a kind of transparent plastic film, and as a kind of such film, its application range is relatively wide. The formation of soft PVC requires the addition of certain plasticizers, making it a film with strong transparency, toughness and stickiness. The PVC film formed in this way still needs to undergo a certain calendering, such as blow molding. The products formed after such treatment can be regarded as plastic wrap or other transparent films used in our lives. The pvc film formed by adding plasticizer is a kind of magical phenomenon in itself. ????Why do you say this? If a small amount of plasticizer is added to PVC, it forms hard PVC instead of soft PVC. This plasticity makes PVC instantly attract all kinds of people As a result, the resulting products are diverse and available in various industries. Only by adding a certain amount of plasticizer can soft PVC be formed, so that the transparent plastic film we see in life can be formed.
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