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PVC tarpaulin manufacturers introduce different people's choices for tents

by:LINYANG     2022-06-04
PVC tarpaulin manufacturers introduce different people's choice of tents Tents have different styles in consideration of different uses in planning. As far as the shape of the tent is concerned, the common tents are roughly divided into five styles. Dome-shaped tent (also known as yurt type): It adopts double-pole interspersed support, and the disassembly and assembly are relatively simple. It is a popular style in the market today. Triangular tent: Herringbone iron pipes are used as brackets at the front and rear, and the center frame is connected by a cross bar to support the inner tent and install the outer tent. This is a common tent style in the early days. Boat-bottom-shaped tent: After being propped up, it looks like a boat that is buckled upside down. It can be divided into two-pole and three-pole different support methods. Generally, the center is the bedroom, and the two ends are hall sheds. It is also one of the common tent styles. Ridge-shaped tent: The shape is like an independent small tiled house. The support is usually four corners and four columns, and a ridge-like structural roof is placed on it. This kind of tent is generally relatively large and bulky, suitable for motorists or relatively fixed. It is widely used in field operations and camping, so it is called a car tent. Hexagonal tent: use three or four poles for interspersed support, and some use six-pole design, which attaches great importance to the stability of the tent, and is a common style of 'alpine' tents.
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