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PVC protective film to common problems

by:LINYANG     2020-03-20
PVC protective film is based on the material of plastic film or aluminum-plastic composite materials, the single side adhesive with low viscosity and the people, made after the coil is made by cutting. Stick to the surface, which can effectively prevent surface in extrusion molding, transport, into a window, the installation process from scratch or pollution. Its emergence to production, doors and Windows assembly, and the construction unit has brought great aspects. Because of the protective film is a relatively new type of product, there is no national or industry standard. For the product quality inspection, evaluation and no unified technical indicators. This brings to the user when choosing to use protective film must be difficult. Many manufacturers in the use process have a few problems, this article put forward to discuss with you on these questions. A, come unglued problem: peel the protective film on the surface, there are glue residue on the surface. The main cause of this phenomenon is the protective film itself quality problems. One is the protective film used in pressure sensitive adhesive is not in conformity with the requirements. In the implementation of formula, process can not meet the technical requirements. The stripping force is greater than the cohesion; The second is protective film corona strength can not meet the requirements of the base material used. General base material surface tension requirement between 3840 dyn. If too small, can make the protective film stripping force greater than stick relay degumming. If produce this kind of problem, it is recommended that the factory make the following processing: with a clean dishcloth take proper amount of organic solvent such as ethanol, ethyl acetate, toluene can wipe, etc. This sometimes leads to a problem, is when the solvent wipe the surface finish will be damaged, after the remedy: can use soft dry cloth to wipe a few times more, recoverable finish. Second, attach rickety phenomenon: after extrusion lamination, sticker is not firm, easy stripping during transportation, as a window, and no protection. There are several reasons can cause this phenomenon: 1, after extrusion press, the surface is not clean, moisture, dust, etc. Improved method: from cooling stereotypes die out as far as possible to the surface water after dry, don't take too much notice workshop dust, tractor treads keep clean, etc. 2, sticker machine pressure is not enough, or the structure is not reasonable. The solution: appropriate film pressure increased. Using a special sticker machine. 3, viscosity of protective film is not enough. 4, protective film used base material tensile stress is too small, easy to deformation, or sticker machine rotating parts of the action is not flexible, causing membrane excessive tensile deformation in the process of sticking. On the surface, due to the tensile stress of the membrane retraction. The retraction force is greater than the stripping force, film automatically. For this kind of situation can convert tensile force larger BOPP, PET or compound protective film; In addition to lubricating film machine rotating parts, often makes it flexible rotation. Third, tilted on both ends of this kind of phenomenon occurs mostly in with aluminum foil membrane. Main show is tilted at the ends of the protective film. The main reason is: in the process of composite aluminum foil membrane, BOPP and PET layer tension is inconsistent, BOPP layer tension is too big, after the completion of the composite, due to the tension and the change of temperature, make the BOPP retraction, lead to cock. The environment temperature is higher, the sand larger areas suggest don't use this film. Four. Jie membrane difficult or can't down phenomenon: when the doors and Windows after the installation, peel off protective film, it found that film can't down or difficult to stripping. There are two reasons: one is the protective film used in pressure sensitive adhesive quality is not qualified. Protective film used in pressure sensitive adhesive is a kind of special pressure sensitive adhesive, it can produce proper stripping and product surface force, make the protective film that is easy to attach and easy to peel. But now many of the manufacturers don't have this kind of pressure sensitive adhesive technology, making only for ordinary adhesive tape with pressure sensitive adhesive made some improvements, even without improvement is used in the production of protective film. Of course the consequences. Another point, Windows and doors installed outdoors by ultraviolet irradiation time is too long in the sunshine, protective film base material degradation. Reduce the easy tear strength, also can cause this phenomenon. So suggest that construction units in the protective film tear off after the building is decorated in a timely manner. Five, with a protective film on average performance for two things: one is the writing surface is black; Second is the color of the handwriting of protective film on the words. For the first case, there was the article in many publications. Most of the view that this is a chemical change. This chemical reaction must meet certain conditions: water, visible light and instability of TiO2. , this case suggest replace protective film varieties or use my light PE with good sex of double color film, aluminum foil film, etc. For the second is to be sure that the protective film of ink migration. Because of the protective film inner compound layer in the process of corona breakdown. After coated with glue to stick to the surface, after a period of time will be through the composite layer of printing ink, rubber migration to the surface and cause on the handwriting. Verified to this phenomenon, the author has done many experiments, selecting different manufacturer, protective film, Happened lettering phenomenon of the same sample) Match experiment, 8 hours under 250 w uv light irradiation, found no lettering phenomenon. Sticker at later analysis, test conditions and the different in the process of production, printing and the user is a reflection of the phenomenon occurred in a relatively stable one or more sets of extrusion equipment, is not common. All lettering phenomenon may be related to extrusion process conditions has a lot to do. This problem also haven't found an ideal solution. In this case, it is recommended to use double color PE film, aluminum foil film, etc.
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