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PVC protective film is not firmly attached

by:LINYANG     2020-05-28
PVC calendering biaxially stretched film problems and solutions: Phenomenon of degumming problem: tear the protective film off the surface, and there are traces of glue left on the surface The main reason for this phenomenon is the quality of the protective film itself. First, the pressure sensitive adhesive used in the protective film does not meet the requirements. The technical requirements are not met in terms of formulation and process implementation. Make the peeling force greater than the cohesive force; Second, the corona strength of the substrate used in the protective film can not meet the requirements. The surface tension of the general substrate is required to be between 3840dyn. If it is too small, the peeling force of the protective film will be greater than the adhesive force to cause degumming. If such problems occur, the manufacturer is recommended to do the following: use a clean cloth to dip an appropriate amount of organic solvents such as ethanol, ethyl ester, toluene, etc. This sometimes causes a problem that the surface finish will be damaged after wiping with a solvent. Remedy: You can use a soft dry cloth to wipe it several times to restore the finish.
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