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PVC protective film has experienced the developing course of how

by:LINYANG     2020-03-20
The development of PVC protective film is through the ups and downs. First of all, let's take a look at the characteristics of PVC protective film first appeared on the market and react, PVC film texture soft, and easy to paste, but this kind of material is more thick, light transmittance is bad, make the screen looks hazy, and tore off after will also make the glue mark on the screen. Compared with the present packaging industry, the characteristics of PVC protective film should be eliminated, but in the early part of the packaging industry, PVC protective film are all the rage, it solves the problem of packaging material. This kind of material is more easily with the change of the temperature and FanHuang out oil, short service life. Now on the market almost never see this kind of protective film, really was eliminated. Now in the market of PVC protective film is a modified version of the protective film, has solved the previous heavy and poor light penetration problem but still can not solve the problem of easy FanHuang out of oil, and low production cost, cheap, soft, so it has a broad market. In today's more and more kinds protective film, PVC protective film in addition to the price advantage, a very hard time based on the market, it does not have the ability to scrape resistance, use for a period of time after the protective film will appear on the obvious scratch, influence the screen display effect also affects the beautiful sex of mobile phones as a whole. Other PVC itself is a kind of toxic material, containing heavy metal content, in Europe was at full stop using. After numerous functional protective film factory, PVC material by a greater impact, coupled with the safety and environmental protection itself, harder to compete with other materials, so there are out of the market trend. But because the production of fast, low prices, so for some of the more backward areas as well as to the packaging material requirements, there is still a usability, low product and many protective film manufacturers have stopped the use of this material.
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