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Pvc plastic wrap manufacturers teach you how to distinguish PVC from PE

by:LINYANG     2020-02-19


According to the current classification of food preservative film materials, there are mainly polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride. Polyethylene, also known as PE plastic wrap, is mainly sold in various supermarkets; Pvc, also known as pvc plastic wrap and polyvinylidene chloride, is mainly used for packaging fresh and bulk food in supermarkets. Now, let pvc plastic wrap manufacturers teach you how to distinguish PVC from PE.

'At first glance, two tears and three fires' It is a constant criterion for distinguishing PVC and PE plastic wrap.

manufacturers remind consumers to distinguish PVC from PE plastic wrap. First of all, they should pay attention to PVC plastic wrap, which is more transparent and not easy to tear; In addition, PVC plastic wrap emits black smoke and pungent smell under the burning of open flame. It does not drip oil and will automatically extinguish when leaving the fire source. When PE plastic wrap Burns, the flame is yellow, tasteless, dripping oil, and can continue to burn after leaving the fire source.

since a large amount of plasticizer will be added to PVC preservative film during the manufacturing process, and the plasticizer is insoluble in cold water, but above 60℃, or it will come out in the grease,' Especially in vegetable oil, it will dissolve out'.

In addition, the manufacturer also reminds consumers-- When purchasing plastic wrap, if the package is marked as PE or polyethylene, you can use it with confidence; If there is no mark or the mark is PVC, pay attention to safety when using it. ' PVC plastic wrap can contain some cold, oil-free food, but it must be removed when heated in a microwave oven to prevent food and plastic wrap from being harmful to human body after being heated. '

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