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Pvc plastic wrap manufacturer: How to choose safe plastic wrap?

by:LINYANG     2020-02-19


It is reported that the AQSIQ particularly emphasized as early as 8 years ago. Prohibit enterprises from using plasticizer DEHA to produce food preservative film'. But a piece of news that was previously exposed shocked many people-- 15 kinds of 16 kinds of pvc plastic wrap contain banned plasticizers and exceed the detection line by more than 200 times. People can't help but wonder if there is still a safe plastic wrap? Now, pvc plastic wrap manufacturers will teach you how to choose safe plastic wrap?

1. Rub by hand

PE plastic wrap is generally sticky and easy to rub after rubbing by hand; However, PVC plastic wrap has good viscosity and is not easy to unfold by hand.

2. The outer package

has QS logo, serial number and detailed information of the manufacturer. The plastic wrap marked with PE or polyethylene can be used at ease; Try not to choose PVC or no material.

3. Transparency

PE material is white with poor transparency; The whole color of the whole roll is mostly PVC, and the transparency is good.

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