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PVC heat shrinkable film application in pharmaceutical packaging

by:LINYANG     2020-03-20
Drug products are usually bottles, and then the box, on the outside of the box, there will be a layer of film that is what we usually say the heat shrinkable film, heat shrinkable film for packaging is a very common thing, in the process of heat shrinkable film packaging can be again, a little heat, can be well coated products. PVC heat shrinkable film application in pharmaceutical packaging is very much, in addition to used in the food and drug single packaging, can also be used for PVC/LDPE medical ampoule with composite membrane. PVC packaging film can also be used in packing bags, boxes, industrial packaging, etc. Heat shrinkable film is currently the world's most widely used packaging products, has the following characteristics: ( 1) Has the good transparency, allows customers to watch directly to the packaging products, to facilitate sales and purchase; ( 2) Close to the appearance of goods, is the so-called skin packaging, can be applied to all kinds of complicated shape of commodity packaging; ( 3) A fine dust, burglar; ( 4) Can take a variety of different sizes, shapes within a shrink packaging commodity packaging, to prevent small commodities has been lost, also easy to carry; ( 5) Can be packing goods, according to the different shape, weight, and choose a different resin types and additives, produce the different thickness, contraction force and the shrinkage rate, tensile strength and impact strength of Pvc packaging film, fully meet the requirements of the commodity packaging. At present, the production technology of PVC heat shrinkable film is more and more serious, PVC heat shrinkable film may also directly by the extruder extrusion thick film, slightly cooled to 115 - 145℃( Not plasticized Pvc) After the high elastic state directly one-way or two-way stretch as shrinkable film, just in the mouth mould revising can be implemented. PVC meet environmental protection requirements, and constantly to other product packaging development, become the representative of the heat shrinkable film products.
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