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PVC film under market competition system

by:LINYANG     2020-06-07
???The fierce market competition has led to the development of higher-end technology for PVC films, and it has also been widely used in various industries. Such as food, beverages, wires, cables, various building materials and irregular valuables wrapped around the package. Today we will explain the safety of environmental protection and application. PVC transparent film has good transparency, good oil resistance, good barrier to water vapor and oxygen, and also has good corrosion resistance to many substances such as acid, alkali, salt and so on. The use of food-grade polyvinyl chloride resin with low vinyl chloride monomer stock and non-toxic additives can produce plastic packaging that meets national standards and can directly contact packaging beverages, food and pharmaceuticals. However, once the vinyl chloride monomer content exceeds the standard or the inappropriate additives are selected, it may cause safety problems in contact with food during the use of polyvinyl chloride packaging films. On the other hand, we can see that the ecological environment will also have adverse effects due to its waste. Based on this, many countries or regions in the world have issued relevant regulations to prohibit or restrict the large-scale use of PVC. Europe banned the use of PVC as a food packaging material in 1992, and Japan also banned the use of PVC packaging in 2000. According to the announcement of the World Packaging Organization Council, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and European countries have completely banned PVC as a packaging material; China's Taiwan region has also introduced the 'Waste Cleaning Law', which explicitly prohibits PVC as a packaging material from 2006.
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