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PVC film series of popular science articles of

by:LINYANG     2020-09-02
The PVC external wall hanging board of the popular science article of PVC film series is a kind of plastic profile with rigid polyvinyl chloride as the main body. It is used for the external wall of the building; it plays the role of covering, protection and decoration. It was first imported from Owens Corning in the United States and Canada, and now it has been localized.

PVC exterior wall siding is an innovation of building decoration materials. PVC exterior wall siding will be the best alternative material for exterior wall coatings and ceramic tiles. PVC exterior wall panels are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) treated with a unique process, which is suitable for various architectural styles such as villas, multi-storey residential quarters, workshops, and old buildings. The PVC exterior wall hanging board has clear lines, simple and bright appearance, very modern, and has super weather resistance. The PVC exterior wall hanging board makes the building look simple, natural and beautiful, can resist all kinds of bad weather, and is anticorrosive and flame retardant, and it is easy to install. No matter in the production process or in the practical engineering, it does not cause pollution to the environment and can be recycled. It is an ideal environmentally friendly decorative material.
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