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Pvc film performance is closely related to the plasticizer used

by:LINYANG     2020-02-14


pvc film properties change differently due to different plasticizers used, and the relationship between film properties and plasticizer chemical structure. When the film is required to have certain special properties, it is very complicated to determine the film formula, while some requirements for the film are sometimes contradictory. It is very difficult to manufacture a film with good cold resistance and flame fastness. If oil resistance is also required at the same time, various plasticizers known at present cannot meet the requirements. Therefore, when manufacturing films, an appropriate plasticizer ratio must be selected to make up for the defects of various plasticizers by learning from each other's strong points to meet the requirements of use.

The properties of pvc film are closely related to the plasticizer used

Generally, the plasticizer content of pvc soft film is 18 ~ 45%. When plasticizer is used as processing aid and the addition amount is less than 18%, a peculiar phenomenon can be seen, that is, the film with this content is not softer than Pure polyvinyl chloride hard film but more brittle. Its impact strength and cold resistance are worse than Pure polyvinyl chloride hard film. This phenomenon may be due to the small amount of plasticizer, it is impossible. 'Eliminate'The polarity of polyvinyl chloride molecules.

plasticizer content is less than 18 ~ Most of the 20% films are not made of pure polyvinyl chloride, but are often impact-resistant Polyvinyl chloride that is not easy to be brittle.

films containing more than 45% plasticizer are difficult to manufacture, and their strength is very small, their elongation is high, and they are sticky, so they are rarely produced.

The higher the plasticizer content of the film, the more obvious the effect on the performance of the film. In order to achieve the same softness, if different plasticizers are used, the addition amount is also different. In the contrast test of different films, films with the same hardness are often used as the benchmark, not films with the same plasticizer content.

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