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PVC film manufacturer: the plastic wrap of cooked food in the supermarket is generally PVC film

by:LINYANG     2020-02-17


at the meat counter, a staff member is packaging raw meat with plastic wrap, which is transparent, the whole roll looks yellow and feels very sticky when touched by hand. The reporter asked what type of plastic wrap this was, and the staff looked stunned and said that it was not clear. ' Our plastic wrap is provided by manufacturers. Supermarkets use this kind of food, meat and food, which is sanitary and convenient. 'The staff member said. When the reporter mentioned that there was something wrong with the roll-up plastic wrap sold in the supermarket, the other party could not say clearly. To this end, the reporter interviewed PVC film manufacturers, the other said that the supermarket package cooked food plastic wrap is generally PVC film.

PVC film manufacturer: the plastic wrap for cooked food in the supermarket is generally PVC film

during the visit, the reporter saw that the brand of plastic wrap used by a supermarket staff in Nanjing, from a company in Nantong. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter called Nantong, the company, the staff told reporters that they mainly produce PVC plastic wrap. ' PVC plastic wrap is generally a material Film, and the packaging is mainly to prevent dust. ' He said that for example, some computer monitors, etc. , the prototype placed outside often uses plastic wrap to cover dust. Of course, he also mentioned that supermarkets will also be used to package cold food, vegetables, etc. ' If you eat steamed buns, fried foods, etc. directly, it is not suitable for PVC plastic wrap. '

When I learned that some supermarkets are using PVC plastic wrap to pack meat, cooked food and other foods, the staff member said:' Specific people bought PVC plastic wrap how to use, our manufacturers can not interfere. '

as early as 2005, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued the 'announcement on strengthening the supervision of food preservative film', which clearly mentioned that, it is forbidden for enterprises to directly package meat, cooked food and grease food with PVC food preservative film. Now the announcement has been released for 9 years, but many supermarkets are still using PVC plastic wrap to pack meat, cooked food, etc.

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