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PVC film is widely used in cities

by:LINYANG     2020-06-18
Many times, as a kind of pvc film, it is used in many places, such as the mobile phones people use now, the surface film is designed and produced according to the principle of pvc transparent film. Some of the characteristics of the PVC film are also designed, such as its transparent characteristics, tackiness and certain abrasion resistance, which are all required for mobile phone stickers and are also the characteristics of this PVC. At present, this kind of PVC is mainly used in some household cling film automotive films and anti-glare films. For such a wide range of films, many fields can reflect its value. It is precisely because of this feature that PVC has become the main plastic material currently used. ????In the city, the use of this material is relatively frequent at present, whether it is a hard form of PVC or a soft form of polyvinyl chloride film is a type that often appears in people's lives. In fact, the use of pvc film is becoming more and more widely. Many isolation films in skin care products are processed using this material. It can be seen how high its usage rate is.
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