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PVC film is suitable for fire protection equipment

by:LINYANG     2020-06-25
????? Many times, we will use plastic film, whether it is to wrap the leftovers with plastic wrap after eating at home, or use a light-proof film to block the strong sunlight when driving. Or the film used in current mobile phones, these are the places where plastic films appear, and also our use of plastic film products. As a more common type of plastic film, pvc film is also a type of film that is currently used more. It has better transparency than polyethylene and has a certain viscosity after forming the film. ???? In addition, its flame retardancy is better, and it can be used in many fields. At present, it is a relatively successful isolation film. This kind of PVC film is used in many fire protection devices, and it has a certain effect. Compared with the film formed by other polymer materials, this film is actually sticky, transparent, and flame retardant. The advantages are obvious, and it is currently more suitable for use in fire protection equipment.
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