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PVC film is one of the main packaging forms

by:LINYANG     2020-06-18
At present, the plastic industry is developing rapidly. Many new plastic polymers are produced, which promotes the enrichment of plastic materials. As a polymer, it can be mixed with a variety of materials to form a composite material. PVC film is a product that uses plasticizers to make changes in PVC. This film has a certain viscosity, can play a certain adhesion effect, and the transparency of this material is better than polyethylene, so it is also called pvc film. Such plastic films can be used in many fields due to their good toughness, including isolation films in skin care products, anti-glare films on automotive glass, and surface films on electronic products. ???? These are all using this kind of pvc film. As a pvc form film, it is widely used. For the plastic products in the city, the effect of using this material for packaging is still very good. It is also a decoration. One of the main forms of product packaging.
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