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PVC film has many characteristics

by:LINYANG     2020-06-12
PVC film is a new plastic material that has emerged in recent years. This film has good plasticity and transparency, so this film is generally called PVC transparent film. At present, this film is used in many places, the most common Is the plastic wrap we often use. For plastic wrap, I believe everyone is familiar with it. It has good ductility, and also has certain adhesion. The transparent effect is obvious. It is one of the main methods of fresh keeping. It is one of the products of PVC film shaping. It has the characteristics of light weight, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, heat insulation, heat preservation, corrosion resistance, durability, good dielectric properties, anti-aging, easy welding and adhesion. It can be said that it has always been a valuable product in the plastics industry, a fine product in plastics, and a crystallization that has been born in the plastics industry over the past few decades.
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