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PVC film has become a hot spot due to its soft nature

by:LINYANG     2020-06-21
PVC film is a film type that is used more frequently in automobiles, daily necessities and skin care cosmetics. Because the transparency of this film is better than that of polyethylene and polypropylene, it plays a vital role in using it to isolate external erosion and ensure that the interior can be clearly seen, reflecting the nearly perfect effect. In fact, pvc soft products of this material rely on the addition of plasticizers, so that pvc gradually becomes hard from the beginning, and then becomes a soft pvc film. ????Such changes have led to the so-called pvc transparent film, and the reason why pvc can become the most used type of film. It is mainly determined by its characteristics after the soft form. The soft pvc film is light, flexible and tough, but has a little stickiness, so it is suitable for use on the glass film of the car or the anti-glare film It can be used on the diaphragm of skin care products and cosmetics, and can also be used on the plastic wrap commonly used in our families to play a role in keeping fresh. With so many effects, this PVC film has become the most used film.
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