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PVC film has a relatively high reference value

by:LINYANG     2020-06-23
???????The processing of plastics is more commonly used at present. Many of the products we see in supermarkets and trade markets use plastics as the main material. It can be said that plastics have become the main materials used in cities. Many products in our lives are actually manufactured based on this plastic material, such as most packaging containers, some circuit shells, and the walls we use. Switches and sockets, these shells are made of plastic materials. It can be said that today's plastics are already ubiquitous in our daily life, and as a more typical plastic material, polyvinyl chloride is considered to be a relatively large number of plastic materials, and this material is the most classic product. There is nothing more than PVC film, which is a film worth learning from. ??????Many of the films, diaphragms, and transparent films currently produced are derived from this PVC film (a precision screen printing machine is required for screen printing). It can be said that this plastic film is a 'template' for development. Similar to the current mobile phone films, plastic diaphragms, automotive films, etc., which are developed from the characteristics of pvc film, pvc has a certain viscosity when forming a film, and the transparency of this pvc form of plastic film is relatively high. This is of great reference significance for the plastic films developed later.
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