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PVC film cloth shed has a wide range of applications

by:LINYANG     2020-02-18

Global plasticization news:

PVC film cloth shed has the functions of sunshade, rain blocking, practicality and beauty. The membrane structure is made up of a variety of high-strength thin film materials and reinforcing components (Steel frame, steel column or steel cable) A certain pre-tensile stress is generated inside it in a certain way to form a certain spatial shape, which is used as a covering structure and can bear certain external load.

PVC film cloth shed consists of steel structure, membrane materials and accessories.

The tarpaulin is made of membrane material, and the membrane material is characterized by high strength, good durability, fire and flame resistance, good self-cleaning, no influence of ultraviolet rays, and long service life, general 15-30 years. It has high light transmittance and light transmittance of 13% ~ 20%, the heat energy reflectivity is 73%, and the heat absorption is very small. It is precisely because of the invention of this epoch-making membrane material that the membrane structure shed has become a modern permanent building.

It is suitable for community schools, commercial squares, gymnasiums, factories, automobile 4S shops, tourist resort scenic spots, government agencies, etc.

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