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PVC film belongs to a category in the collection

by:LINYANG     2020-06-26
????????Now products made using plastic polymers have spread all over the city. Not only that, some plastic products have been used in our lives, and it is difficult to be replaced. As a material with stable chemical properties, strong corrosion resistance, good pressure resistance and wear resistance, plastics are considered to be a more practical type at present. And because the cost of plastic is relatively low, it can be produced in large quantities, so for some of the more used products, this material is still very suitable. At present, many types of polymers are also produced. It can be said that the current plastics are not just a single one or two or three kinds, but a collection of dozens of types, which are collectively called plastics. The pvc produced therein Film is a typical product. ????By using this film, more convenience can be achieved. For example, in our daily life, the plastic wrap that needs to be used after meals is made of pvc. This kind of transparent cling film is actually a thin film developed from pvc transparent film. After the pvc film is formed, it has a certain viscosity and transparency, which is still very valuable for use.
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