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PVC car paint coating of 15 questions

by:LINYANG     2020-03-12
Car is the second big family spending is considered to be second only to the house, so the maintenance of it is in a very important position, for the car with a layer of protective film is understandable, PVC car paint coating have what use? In front of the post car membrane, we want to get to know about car paint and protective film between the problems. 1, natural environment factors make car paint bleak? What are those? Ultraviolet (uv), all kinds of dirt adhesion, the oxidation of iron powder, acid rain, concave and convex washing wounds, resin guano oily substance, water lens, paint, water, etc. ; 2, 'uv' is how to hurt the car paint? Ultraviolet radiation can destroy the molecular structure of the paint, pigment precipitation free resin, paint layer of fade; 3, why dirt can make car paint dim? The car paint surface residual water, washing with water, not to wipe clean the calcium iron and clay adhesion will make the car paint surface uneven, dim and blank. 4, how is the iron powder is oxidized paint? Under normal weather, on the surface of the body temperature is 70 - 90 ℃, the temperature of the iron powder of up to 120 ℃, when the temperature of the iron powder is more than the car paint surface temperature will melt into the paint, after the water oxidation iron rust and paint; 5, the iron powder on the paint come from? Free in the air, brake pads, industrial produce iron powder, construction of iron powder, etc. 6, how is acid rain corrosion paint? Containing sulfide and oxide in the air, water vapor to form weak acidic rain, when the rain falls on the car paint, if not timely washing the car, in the weak acid water slowly evaporated, the acid concentration is more and more strong, corrosion and paint. How is 7, concave and convex wash the car? Not clean in the process of car wash sponge, a towel wipe; Long-term use of high acid and alkali cleaning fluid; 飞起的鞭炮、飞石将车漆砸出小凹; 8, lampblack, resin, guano is how to hurt the car paint? Lampblack, resin and other similar substances and the main components of the car paint, goes bad in the air, containing acid, easy adhesion, easy to paint miscibility, forming at high temperature dust free adsorption impurities, acid is contained in bird droppings, therefore hurt the car paint; 9 how to hurt the car paint, water drops? Water is like concave and convex mirror, the sun concentrated to burn the car paint; The developing course of 10, coating? Wax to seal glair, common coating and nano coating - crystallization coating, plating crystal; 11, the main component of wax? Wax, solvents, abrasives; 12, the classification of wax? According to the form: liquid, solid wax, soft wax wax; According to the function is the decontamination and polishing; According to the oil refining, plant extract ingredients; 13, the main composition of glaze, the main components of the common coating, the main composition of crystal coating? A, fluorine resin, silicone resin, silicone type, solvent; B, liquid wax resin mixed solvent; C, silicide; 14, crystal deposition features nine? Increase the hardness of paint; Long persistence; Uv protection. No cracks, no loss; Highly flexible. Texture luster, increase brightness; High temperature resistant, corrosion resistant; Good hydrophobicity; Non-toxic does not contain solvents of low carbon environmental protection; 15, how durable and increase hardness? Crystallization deposition of crystal film formed by the properties of inorganic material such as glass, does not react with the oxygen in the air, the paint can be long lasting protection, at the same time itself formed crystals can increase 2 - car paint Three times the hardness.
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