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Protective film selection method of viscosity

by:LINYANG     2020-03-18
Viscosity of protective film selection is the basic principle of viscosity can be appropriately. Different surface need different viscosity, according to the different surface and pressure, viscosity rise speed is different, generally should be placed enough time after stripping protective film can determine whether appropriate. The effect of protective film to use rubber and acrylic coating is different. Rubber is soft, acrylic acid is more hard, generally consider type rubber protective film first, and then the acrylic type protective film. For a given surface, selecting the appropriate adhesive and the viscosity is extremely important, the subsequent processing steps are key determinants of viscosity. Subsequent processing general bending stamping. Choose low viscosity protection membrane on the surface of protective film smooth, viscosity of 0. 9N / cm。 Medium in the rough surface is chosen stick protective film, viscosity of 1. 2 n /厘米。 Very rough surface protective film to choose stick protective film high viscosity of 1. 5 n/cm need to laser cutting, because of the protective film in the thermal contraction, so should choose the high viscosity of protective film viscosity of 1. 9N / cm。 A plain film co. , LTD. , the production of protective film on the market has been widely used in plastic, metal and other fields, product quality, price the lowest one in the industry, is the first selection of protective film in all walks of life. A protective film species tens of thousands of sichuan, the choose and buy for your company's protective film can really play a protective role in sichuan. A sichuan and the types of protective film of plastic protective film, metal coating, low stick protective film, adhesive protective film, high adhesive protective film, and so on
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