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Protective film processing two basic steps

by:LINYANG     2020-03-21
Protective film before sale, in addition to the production process, and processing program has two basic steps, first, for the protective film coating, make it with viscosity, better on the product surface, second, protective film rewinding machine, cutting and transportation and storage of the second step is mainly aimed at the demand of customer to operate. Let's dwell on these two steps. 1, plastic coating and most natural rubber coating is coated with bottom first, then with colloid. Then protective film through long air heating channel ( 80~100℃) To ensure that the water or solvent evaporated. Corona film can be directly coated with acrylic adhesive, do not need priming paint. 2, rewinding, slitting, storing protective film on the coating machine is rewinding directly into the length of the customer need. If the customer need to cover protective film appearance beautiful, no bubble wrap, available quality rewinding machine to rewinding, can ensure that there is no air parcel. For the short protective film ( Below 500 m) , usable straight knife to cut. More than 500 meters, with straight knife cutting heat may make PE melt, causing difficult to solution volume. Protective film can generally be at room temperature to 300 c, no direct sunlight in the warehouse for 12 months. The higher the temperature, the shorter the storage period, every 10 ℃, the storage period will be reduced by half. Water soluble type protective film to avoid contact with water vapor, to avoid the glue.
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