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Protective film packaging products can be automated

by:LINYANG     2020-03-18
Protective film is already very common used in product packaging, whether the outer packing of food or medicine box outside shrinkable packaging, even in the supermarket to buy fruits and vegetables can use protective film related products. Now protective film on the product packaging technology is also constantly updated, constantly improve the efficiency and effect is more obvious. Let's look at what has happened under the new technology of protective film packaging change. High productivity. Vacuum packaging machine productivity has risen from several to several ten pieces per minute, thermoforming - Pack - The productivity of sealing machine can reach more than 500 pieces per minute. Automation. Such as changsha spark 500 double chamber vacuum packaging machines have pumping air into vacuum state, sealing, lettering, cooling one-time completed function, it is mainly used for tea, peanuts, shrimp, corn and other food packaging. Stand-alone utility. In stand-alone implemented on multi-function, can easily expand the scope of use. Must be employed to realize single machine multi-function modular design, through the functional modules of transformation and combination, be applicable to different packaging materials, packaging, packaging requirements of different types of vacuum packaging machine. Representative of the domestic product have the spark packaging machinery food vacuum packaging machinery, abroad have German wheel spindle multi-station bag vacuum packaging machine, bag making, weighing, filling, pumping air into vacuum state, sealing and other functions can be done on a single machine. Of the production line. When you need to function more and more long, will all the functions are concentrated in a single machine will make the structure is very complicated, also not convenient operation and maintenance, and then can match the function different, efficiency of several kinds of combination machine can successfully complete production line.
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