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Protective film on the sub uv resistance

by:LINYANG     2020-03-21
Protective film to have a certain viscosity, unless the protective film in the process of production, the electrostatic treatment, can rely on electrostatic adsorption, otherwise must be on the protective film coated with glue, the glue is usually a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Its performance to a certain extent affect the use of protective film performance. In the performance, resistance to ultraviolet some glue can satisfy, some do not have this feature. Natural rubber is generally not resistant to ultraviolet ray, was exposed to ultraviolet light, natural rubber glue, black and white film can effectively block ultraviolet light, made of natural rubber ultraviolet resistant capacity of 12 to 18 months. General acrylic adhesive than rubber more resistant to ultraviolet light. Imported transparent acrylic coating added after uv stabilizer, its resistance to ultraviolet (uv) up to 3 ~ 6 months. Factors affecting ultraviolet linear protective film are: geographical location, altitude, away from the equator ( Ultraviolet (uv) radiation intensity) ; Climatic conditions ( Temperature; Humidity) ; Between the annual and seasonal climate change, environmental pollution, Acid rain, NO, SO) ; The characteristics of the protected surface materials, etc. Climate simulation equipment to test is commonly used in protective film of the resistance to ultraviolet radiation intensity: by adjusting the temperature and radiation intensity and the condensed water to simulate climate change, high humidity environment and 7 hours every 3 hours ultraviolet irradiation as a cycle, 50 hours cycle experiment is equivalent to about outdoor place for a month.
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