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Protective film on the application of digital products

by:LINYANG     2020-03-18
Formally enter the 21st century information age, and the symbol of the information age is the digital products, digital products of well development, continuous increase of mark informatization degree, industry related to national economy and people's living, entertainment, office area is dominated by digital products, digital products has become a sign of this century and an important source of economy. As on digital products repeatedly use the protective film products with digital products that promote influence. As the widescreen mobile phones, digital cameras, such as the appearance of digital products and innovation, the demand of screen protection film has been rising, the protective film market has also been into a new climax, protective film factory take the good opportunity constantly offer all kinds of protective film of material function. PE protective film, PET protective film and AR coating is the best selling three kinds of screen protection film on the market. PE protective film is a kind of completely without glue with electrostatic adsorption force to viscous force protection film, its material is very soft, permeability, paste screen effect after more beautiful won't produce any air bubbles. AR coating is now in the market price is the most expensive but the quality is one of the best screen protective film, the material of the protective film good penetrability but will not have a reflective screen, not only material is qualitative soft, can resistance to friction and scratches won't hurt to his beloved mobile phone screen. Can be reused after cleaning, so was welcomed by young people now. A protective film is the best. In PET in the family, there is a specifically for the screen using the PET protective film, favored by the general screen manufacturers, with excellent scratch-resistant flowers, fingerprint proof performance, is loved by many consumers, especially in the mobile phone screen protective film, LCD screen protective film, protective film for mass production and application of this material. The arrival of information age, eliminated many do not conform to The Times demand the product, digital product development and promotion, the more areas to realize the digital production, digital office, standing more related to digital products industry, adhere to in the fierce competition, protective film industry is one of them, the application of protective film on the digital products using the given, the inside of the circuit board or screen packing even at the end of the outer packing, is inseparable from the use of protective film.
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