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Protective film of the weather

by:LINYANG     2020-03-18
Now in the continuous development of society and human beings in advance, the people on their life quality requirements are constantly improve, PE protective film on the production process in the continuous improvement, we use the size also in unceasing increase use requirements, its all kinds of new things are present, although looks general, but the day for both of us also poses a great lunch. PE protective film when making use of easy to stick and rip, the change is small, the stripping force increase more and more small, the entire product under the condition of sun exposure, use period for up to six months to a year, in the process of use is not present the condition of pollution and corrosion. PE protective film has excellent mechanics function, in the very fit the requirements of the users in the use of a mild resistance, elastic modulus, elongation, etc. Protective film on the maintenance data appearance is lazy, to maintain material has excellent adhesion function, in the process of data transfer and processing, maintenance membrane not case become warped, fall off. PE protective film has good weatherability and hold moisture stability, after a few days or longer stick stripping force increase was not significant, easy to peel off, peel off in protected when no residual adhesive left on the surface, no pictures. PE protective film in use for a period of time in the future the center performance outstanding, but the two head cocking, presents the leading cause of this phenomenon is to protect the mold in the maintenance section in the process of Posting, the drawing is bigger, in a post in the future, in high temperature environment, present the phenomenon of unnecessary retraction. PE protective film the problem more present customer products in the south, and PE protective film in the production process should pay attention to the effects of environmental temperature on product use, avoid unnecessary appearance drawing in the Posting process.
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