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Protective film market in 2013, technical competition, quality first

by:LINYANG     2020-02-24
Industry analysts believe that as consumers' demand for instant foods such as microwave food, snack food and frozen food continues to increase, it will directly drive the relevant demand, the sustained and rapid development of the food industry has brought broad market development space for the protective film printing industry. It is estimated that the output of China's protective film products will reach 3600 tons by 2015, 946 tons of plastic protective film products, 491 tons of metal protective film products, 1550 tons of glass protective film products and 120 sets of protective film machinery. At present, the main problem facing China's protective film industry is that the technology is not mature and the replacement is too fast. It is difficult for us to keep up with the pace. Of course, excellent protective film can win reputation for products, establish brand, prevent fake and shoddy products, and provide convenience for consumers to choose goods. At present, the main problem of small and medium-sized enterprises is in technology, and small and medium-sized enterprises mainly use domestic equipment. Of course, it is undeniable that there are many protective film technologies in our country that are in the leading position in the world, but the vast majority are in the middle and low-end position. In fact, it is the key for the industry to develop technology leadership. In terms of design creativity, we are not backward, but under the general situation of environmental protection and energy conservation, if enterprises want to survive and develop, the core competitiveness is still technical competition. With the further adjustment of the product structure of the food industry and the upgrading and upgrading of the products, the requirements for its decoration printing and image are correspondingly higher. China's protective film industry will adjust its industrial structure by importing medium and high-grade raw and auxiliary materials and high-grade machinery and equipment to further reduce product consumption, optimize structure, improve varieties and improve product quality. Get rid of the image of large quantity and low technical content, and develop towards multi-function, modularization, intelligent control and high precision. In order to obtain the rapid development of China's protective film industry and occupy the absolute advantage of China's protective film market, we must insist that technology is the core competitiveness, introduce technology and make breakthroughs, it is the necessary road for China's protective film market and industry!
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