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Protective film industry prospect, is talking with technology

by:LINYANG     2020-03-18
As the food industry further adjustment of product structure and product upgrading, upgrades, accordingly the more demanding packaging printing and image. Protective film industry in China will by imports of high-grade raw and auxiliary materials and advanced mechanical equipment, industrial structure adjustment, to further cut down the consumption of products, optimizing structure, improving varieties, and improve the quality of the product. Get rid of the image number, low technical content, and to the functionalization and modular, intelligent control and high precision, etc. Protective film industry market is small compared to the other industries, but also very competitive. Home now has seven or eight diaphragm of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises, the development of the current also is not very stable, many small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) came in and went out again, but as China's market economy high speed development and the improvement of people's living quality, strong growth in the sector. Protective film, although in recent developed very fast in one hundred and twenty, but there is also a protective film market is not normative system, because of the development history is not long, quick speed, growth of demand is almost straight line, the early market in China is almost a monopoly by foreign enterprises protective film, to really order to build industry in our country, still want to rely on technology to speak. Protective film industry in China in the face of the main problem now is technically not mature, updated quickly, it is hard to keep up with the pace. Of course good protective film can win reputation for product, brand, to prevent counterfeit and shoddy, provide convenience for consumers to choose goods. Is the main problems existing in the small and medium-sized enterprises in technology, small and medium-sized enterprises mainly use the domestic equipment. , of course, there is no denying that there are a lot of protective membrane technology in China in a leading position in the world, but the vast majority are in the medium. In fact, the leading technology is the key to the development of industry. We are not backward in terms of design ideas, but great situation in environmental protection and energy saving, enterprise want to survival and development, the core competitiveness is technological competition. PE protective film is currently on the market the most common type of protection. PE protective film is the most significant features of quality of a material is harder, more scratch resistant. And use for a long time also won't like PVC material FanHuang oil. Are generally depend on the electrostatic adsorption before, easy to blister and fall off, but even if the fall off in the clear water wash and can be reused. Protective film can also be coated glue to paste now, there are usually two kinds of colloidal, acrylic glue adhesion strong, silica gel has good resistance to high temperature performance. Now many foreign well-known brand mobile phone factory, random configuration is protected by post, using PE material protection stickers compared with packaging exquisite workmanship, specifically for the hot buy phone models to build protection, do not need to cut out can be used directly, the well-known brands of mobile phones on the market the paster has produced by PE material as well as part of the product. PE protective film is a kind of comprehensive performance of packaging film. Its good transparency, luster; Good air tightness and sweet; Moderate moisture resistance, moisture permeability decline under low temperature. PE protective film of good mechanical properties, its tenacity is the best of all thermoplastics, tensile strength and impact strength of thin film is much higher than normal; Force and is quite good, stable size, suitable for printing, paper bags, and other secondary processing. PE protective film also has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance and good chemical resistance and oil resistance.
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