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Protective film after cutting products have shrinkage phenomenon, how to solve?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-21
Protective film die cutting is common, is mainly used for screen protection and external protection of a material. Such as lam young PE protective film, etc. After cutting PE protective film, cutting products have shrinkage. I've often encountered this kind of phenomenon, a lot of kinds of methods, but later trials to find a better way, tell you what. Cutting PE protective film, the main is that film is critical, as long as the control membrane tension is small, or film twice to cutting, the size of the product is not severe contraction. Protective film products in addition to production, but also can be used as the auxiliary materials, production and wide range of USES, the price is low. I handled the protective film of the material is PET, PE. The PVC. PET protective film is often double, this bring from type membrane protective film, better quality, uniform rubber coating, rubber high cleanness, easy processing, won't have too big change after cutting. Processing environment requires higher cleanliness. Such as: lam jan 3603, 3601 and other protective film. PE protective film is also like a PET protective film of the double, but most are single, with auxiliary materials before cutting joint after processing. To avoid joint have retracted extension phenomenon. To reduce this kind of phenomenon in the damage caused by the product stamping, suggested that the small size as the layout in the standard direction. Production of protective film one afraid of dirt, two afraid of scalable and is fatal. The former is the production environmental conditions can be improved, and the latter is the material has a lot to do. Such as PVC material electrostatic protective film, the scale size can reach 0. 4 - LMM, die-cutting good product will find a direction shrinkage products, a direction, and is not proportional to the. How to solve this headache, temporarily hasn't found a suitable method. So we have to according to the characteristic scale knife mold size for some scaling.
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