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Production technology of winding film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-07
Winding film production, can use the flow of the stretch film is widely application skill and blow molding technology. Stretch film process using the method of stretch film wrapping film, not only the blow molding into membrane wrapping film production has a high production efficiency, good product thickness uniformity, high transparency, and increased adhesion agent can reduce the dosage of ( Using LiuYanFa production household wrapping film, not even increase adhesion agent) , which is beneficial to reduce production cost, it is most used in the wrapping film production process. Blow molding process blow molding process and the current application in the plastics industry to produce thin film one of the most common kind of film forming process, compared with LiuYanFa, its biggest advantage is that the price is low, one-time investment is less, but as for the production of wrapping film, no matter in quality, formulation cost, etc. , are in a relatively inferior position, so the application is less.
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