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Production technology and requirements of plastic tarpaulin

by:LINYANG     2023-02-01
Plastic tarpaulin is a high-strength waterproof material with good toughness and softness. What kind of technology is used in its production process, and what are the requirements? In the production of plastic tarpaulins, woven plain striped plaid is generally used, and there is a reinforcing wire every 50mm in the warp direction. Then carry out plastic coating. The plastic coating raw material is generally polyvinyl chloride. The coating of the base cloth should be uniform, and there should be no leakage, agglomeration, holes, degumming, wrinkling and damage, and the front side is the thinner side of the coating. , the reverse side of the tarpaulin is the side with the thicker coating. On the whole, it will have 26 eye rings, 7 waist ropes, 4 corner ropes, 4 end ropes, 2 pressing ropes, 7 reinforcing ribs, and 3 rope cloths are evenly distributed on each reinforcing rib. There is a hemming rope around the cloth, and the front ends of the tarpaulin have pressure rope cloth. Keep the plastic tarpaulin as dry as possible. After finishing the cargo thatch cover, remember to hang the tarpaulin to air dry. If the tarpaulin is a little dirty, just wash it gently with cold water.
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