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Popular science of PVC plastic film manufacturers about vacuum plastic absorption

by:LINYANG     2022-07-05
Glue is self-evident for cabinet decoration, used for board bonding and cabinet hardware connection. However, there are many kinds of glues on the market. Which is the special glue for cabinets? Here I tell you, it is vacuum suction. PVC plastic film manufacturers often use vacuum plastic in daily production. Next, he will share some knowledge about vacuum plastic for everyone. Blister plastic usually uses polyurethane emulsion as the main component, which is a kind of water-based adhesive polyurethane glue. Water-based polyurethane adhesive is widely used in the market for its water-based, non-toxic and convenient use. With people's pursuit of low carbon and environmental protection, a series of water-based adhesives have been born. Features of absorbing plastic 1. The appearance is milky white liquid, non-toxic, safe, no odor, no irritation, no formaldehyde and other harmful gas release, easy to clean; 2, the hardness is adjustable, and the advantages of temperature resistance and good elasticity ; 3, low viscosity value, good spray and excellent bonding properties. As a kind of adhesive, cabinet absorbing plastic is mainly related to its own properties, the material properties and materials of the wood to be adhered, and the bonding process. The properties of cabinet suction and the influence of wood bonding strength: Different types of adhesives have different chemical structures or unit structures, and the properties of the bonded products obtained after bonding are also very different. For example, plywood made of phenolic resin glue has good bonding strength and boiling water resistance, while plywood made of urea-formaldehyde resin glue will lose its bonding strength quickly under the action of boiling water. This is due to The properties of the two resin glues are different. There are two types of vacuum suction methods: dry suction and wet suction. For wet blister, the recommended pressure time is 3-5 minutes, while for dry blister, the recommended pressure time is 2-3 minutes. The vacuum degree of vacuum suction depends on the conditions. The degree of vacuum depends on different suction equipment, different composite film manufacturers, the thickness of different composite films, the suction temperature, the contour of the surface of the sheet, the position of the sheet, etc. the actual situation and adjust accordingly. Precautions when using vacuum suction plastics 1. Prevent freezing, the best storage condition is above 5 ℃; 2. Do not mix with other different adhesives; 3. Add 3-5% curing agent, which can effectively improve the temperature resistance. Fourth, do not place in direct sunlight and humid environment, or long-term exposure to the air. The manufacturer of PVC blister film added that vacuum blister is widely used in the vacuum blister thermal compounding of tangible parts, such as the vacuum blister forming of soft materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and MDF, particleboard, wood, etc., mainly used for wooden doors. , vacuum forming of cabinets, speaker panels, computer desks, etc. I believe that after reading the above introduction of PVC blister film manufacturers, you should have a comprehensive understanding of vacuum blister plastic.
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