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Poor heat insulation film for car and the dangers of driving

by:LINYANG     2020-03-17
Inferior glass insulation film, first of all, can not meet the heat insulation effect, second can cause some obvious harm directly, such as the impact the line of sight of the driver or passenger car, the car's air pollution to the environment. How it affects the line of sight is inferior insulation film? Car side, rear window sticker will largely affect the driver's view. Especially at night, for some not bright lights of the vehicle, from across the membrane mirror is very difficult to find, easy to cause traffic accidents. Inferior film, especially color sticker is ordinary cheap paint and curing process, it is easy to produce the light refraction and reflection. Looking out from the car there's always a hazy feeling. The driver could produce eye fatigue, serious still can cause traffic accidents, life-threatening. Poor heat insulation membrane is how in-car air pollution environment? The car smell come from? Part of the car itself is plastic parts quality is not high, the other part is the owner of pollution caused by all sorts of adornment, including glue, seating and inferior membrane. Regular glass protective film products are health and safety testing, does not produce volatile substances hazardous to health. But inferior membrane materials, simple process, low volatile, not only in the material and adhesive often also contains the high-risk substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, gradually after the decomposition of volatile, can cause serious damage to the health of the owner.
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