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Polypropylene film special material passed identification

by:LINYANG     2020-01-14

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The industrial development project of multi-grade polypropylene film special materials undertaken by Lanzhou Chemical Research Center of PetroChina petrochemical Research Institute has recently passed the expert appraisal organized by Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Department.

as one of the widely used plastic products, the special material for unstretched polypropylene film is mainly used in two-way stretched polypropylene, salivated polypropylene and other film products. At present, the annual demand for polypropylene film in China reaches 1. 3 million tons, and the domestic market gap is large.

in order to meet the demand of domestic polypropylene film market, Lanhua research center and Lanzhou Petrochemical Company jointly developed special materials for polypropylene film. Scientific researchers have successfully developed special materials for polypropylene film F500 and F600 on the 110 thousand tons/year polypropylene plant of Langang company through hard technical research and optimization of polymerization process, granulation process and additive system, the invention solves the problems of high ash content and many fisheye in the production process of special resin for polypropylene film, and improves the product quality.

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