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Polymer Structure Evaluation Technology

by:LINYANG     2019-12-22
The layered structure of polymer materials has different lengths. Therefore, taking crystalline polymers as an example, it is required to evaluate the structure of polymers with various lengths of layered structures, such as from micron-scale spherulites to sub-nano-scale intergranular segregation, etc. Integrating various polymer structure evaluation techniques, different layered structures of polymers can be analyzed. The structure and characteristics of polymer materials change obviously with different production conditions, engineering processes and use environments. For example, in film stretching, the film structure under the Applied pulling force is completely different during and after stretching. Can evaluate whether the changes in the original structure in the actual engineering process are ideal, but because these structural changes occur in the process, special equipment is needed. Using advanced synchrotron radiation equipment and powerful X-ray function, it can observe the structural changes of the film during stretching and can find that the PVA film changes continuously from layered structure to fibrous structure.

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