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POF heat shrinkable film is introduced

by:LINYANG     2020-03-19
POF is the meaning of heat shrinkable film, POF full name multi-layer co-extrusion polyolefin heat shrinkable film, it is the linear low density polyethylene as the middle tier ( LLDPE) , a total of polypropylene ( pp) As inner and outer, through three extruder plasticizing extruder and then through the die forming, membrane bubble blowing and other special craft processing. English full name: Polyolefin ( POF) General said heat shrinkable Film is POF, or Polyolefin Shrink Film packaging rules and irregular shape of the product. Such as: automotive supplies, plastic products, stationery, books, electronics, circuit board, MP3, VCD, arts and crafts, picture frames and other wood products, toys, pesticides, daily necessities, food, cosmetics, canned beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, tapes and video tapes, etc. Heat shrinkable film high tensile design of principle of directional orientation of molecular chain to quench finalize the design method of forming. Its physical principle is: when the ionomer in high elastic state, the stretch orientation, then polymer quenching below glass transition temperature, molecular orientation were frozen, when the goods during the heating in the process of packaging, because the molecular motion produced stress relaxation, restore the original state, causing shrinkage. Potential applications in the field of the following is considerable. 1) Cultural and educational supplies - books, albums, writing brush and ink stone, etc. 2) Arts and crafts - plaster model, vases, stone carving handicraft, etc. ; 3) Electrical appliances - dry cell, battery, meter, switch, electronic components, etc. ; 4) Hardware - such as mechanical parts, small machinery, tools, etc; 5) Communications equipment, such as telephone, fax machine, etc. ; 6) Other products, such as medicine, food, tobacco, ceramics, paper, glass, etc. Remove directly used in packaging, POF heat shrinkable film after corona treatment can also be used for printing, so as to satisfy the high requirements of the commodity packaging. In addition, the new packaging and range along with the market development and practice constantly to expand consumption.
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