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Plastic wrap

by:LINYANG     2020-02-06

recently, the 2011 China Food Packaging Forum Conference was held in Beijing. The meeting released the '2012 China food packaging consumption warning', which unveiled the industry insider and safety trap of packaging closely related to food safety.

For example, melamine tableware is called melamine tableware in the industry. It is loved by consumers, especially children, because of its resistance to falling, easy cleaning and bright colors. However, a joint investigation team composed of the International Food Packaging Association and relevant parties, A total of 10 chain supermarkets, 10 wholesale markets and 20 catering enterprises in Beijing, Guangdong and Zhejiang were investigated, tested and analyzed for more than five months. , the conclusion is not optimistic. The melamine products produced by 23 different enterprises purchased from the market accounted for 47. 8%, and some products seriously exceeded the standard. For example, the trademark sold in a wholesale market in Fengtai, Beijing is Xianghe's imitation porcelain bowl. The formaldehyde detection value exceeds the standard value by nearly 5 times, and there is a serious hidden danger of carcinogenesis.

disinfecting wet wipes does not'Disinfection'

According to the investigation, the disinfection effect of disinfectant wet wipes is limited, and the environment is polluted after being discarded. In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers use inferior materials and add fluorescent whitening agents that have carcinogenic effects on human body in order to make the products whiter. There are also some wet wipes with strong fragrance after opening, and the essence used may also be industrial grade.

plastic wrap is not allowed to wrap meat

at present, polyethylene (PE), Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Among them, PE plastic wrap is safer. In order to increase the softness and adhesion of pvc plastic wrap, manufacturers often add plasticizers. Plasticizers will penetrate into food when they come into contact with oily food, thus entering the human body with the food. If the plasticizer accumulates in the body for a long time, it will cause hormone imbalance and lead to a decline in human immunity.

prior to this, a survey found that PVC plastic wrap was abused in fresh meat and cooked food areas of large supermarkets in Beijing and Shenzhen, Guangdong.

The Hidden Danger of color straws in stalls is great

every day, people drink hot soybean milk bought in stalls in the morning. There is no mark on the straw outer bag used by the vendors. The raw material for the production of straws is generally high density polyethylene, and food grade polyethylene is more expensive than non-food grade. Therefore, some production enterprises will use industrial-grade polyethylene or waste plastic to make straws. Such straws are prone to produce low-molecular harmful substances, such as carcinogenic naphthalene. Long-term use will affect human liver, lead to blood diseases, etc. Moreover, the three plastic straws, the brighter the color, the greater the safety hazard. Manufacturers may use pigments to cover unqualified materials such as waste, which usually contain heavy metals such as lead.

The plasticizer of the moon cake holder exceeds the standard by 800 Times

in the exquisite moon cake box, there are also well-made moon cake holders. However, the survey results show that 11 kinds of mooncake holders purchased in the market were tested according to national standards, and 10 samples were found to contain plasticizers, some exceeding the standard by an astonishing 800 times.

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