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Plastic tarpaulin coloring requirements for colorants

by:LINYANG     2023-01-28
When buying plastic tarpaulins, we will find that there are tarpaulin products in different colors, because in the process of processing, it can be processed into different colors according to requirements. When coloring plastic tarpaulins, the colorant is required to withstand high temperatures, and the thermal stability can be maintained well even at higher temperatures. At the same time, it is also required to have good dispersibility, and the particles of the pigment should be extremely fine, so that the coverage rate can be better, and a better coloring effect can be achieved. It is also necessary to have good compatibility with resins. Generally, the tinting strength of plastic products is relatively strong, and there is no or little color migration. In addition, it is necessary to have better light stability. Generally, the light resistance level is required to be above level 5. The higher the level, the better the light stability. Therefore, when we purchase colored plastic tarpaulin products, we should also pay attention to check the quality of its coloring, so as to avoid problems in future use.
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