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Plastic shopping bags are unqualified again in Guangzhou

by:LINYANG     2020-01-31

Guangzhou Quality and Technical Supervision reported the results of the quality supervision and spot check of plastic shopping bags in Guangzhou on the 27th in 2011. Three of the five batches of samples were unqualified.

on fourth quarter of 2011, Guangzhou municipal bureau of quality and technical supervision conducted a supervision and spot check on the quality of plastic shopping bags in the production field of this city, and a total of 5 batches of products produced by 5 enterprises were selected, according to GB/T21661- 2008 'plastic shopping bag' and other standards, inspection of identification, dimensional deviation, senses, drop test, lifting test, water leakage, sealing strength, impact of falling darts and other items.

GB/T 21661- 2008 is a national standard specifically for plastic shopping bags, the standard for plastic shopping bags stipulates the printing quality, test methods and inspection rules of plastic shopping bags made of films made of resin as the main raw material and processed by bag making processes such as heat sealing or bonding.

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I. Plastic shopping bag thickness and thickness deviation inspection

uniform thickness is the basic requirement for quality control of plastic shopping bags, high precision CHY-can be used-05 thickness gauge to carry out testing. At present, many plastic shopping bag manufacturers in China have chosen low-precision thickness gauges to deal with GB/T 21661- The requirement of 2008 standard for thickness test ignores the importance of accurate thickness measurement for material cost control.

II. Inspection of printing quality of plastic shopping bags

The inspection of printing quality of plastic shopping bags needs to be equipped: special transparent tape, standard press roller or adhesive tape press roller (YGJ-S)Disc peeling tester (BLJ-01).

3. Heat sealing strength test of plastic shopping bags

heat sealing strength test of plastic shopping bags needs to be equipped with: 15mm sampling knife and electronic tensile testing machine.

The Heat sealing strength shall be tested according to QB/T 2358- 1998 standard, take a 300 wide sample from the heat sealing part, then clamp the sample on the Upper and Lower clamps of the electronic tensile testing machine, set the test speed to mm/min, and start the test for testing. The evaluation of heat sealing strength has different regulations according to the nominal bearing of materials.

Four, plastic shopping bag dart impact test strength test

to carry out plastic shopping bag dart impact test strength test need to be equipped with Dart impact test instrument. According to GB/T9639- 1998 it is stipulated to carry out testing. It should be noted that this standard stipulates that there are two test methods, A and B. For plastic shopping bags, only A method is required. Results The impact quality of 50% damage statistics was taken as the test result.

V. Lifting performance of plastic shopping bags

According to GB/T 21661- The relevant regulations of 2008 we should test the lifting performance of shopping bags! Using SPL- 30A bag fatigue testing machine to do the experiment, to ensure that the three samples are not damaged!

after inspection, 3 batches of products are unqualified, its nominal production enterprises involve Guangzhou Xingpeng Plastic Products Co. , Ltd. , Guangzhou Yongxun Plastic Packaging Co. , Ltd. , Guangzhou Zhuorong plastic Co. , Ltd. and other three enterprises. Unqualified items are mainly thickness limit deviation, water leakage and width deviation.

The quality supervision department reminds that qualified plastic shopping bags have no obvious peculiar smell. From the appearance, plastic shopping bags must be correctly marked with the following contents: product Name, standard number, specification, nominal load-bearing, manufacturer name and graphic symbol code, etc; There are humanized warning signs, such as' In order to protect the environment and save resources, please use it many times'Such as words; There are recyclable marks and patterns.

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