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Plastic protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-16
Plastic protective film thickness: 25 100 mu m color: transparent, white, transparent blue, transparent green viscous force: according to customer's actual requirements custom width: 1240 mm applications: mainly applied to the temporary protection of plastic sheet, low crystal point, winding and tidy, no wrinkle, according to customer's actual requirements, relevant protective film products can produce high temperature 120 ℃. 厚度:25 - 100 micronsColor:透明,白色,透明,蓝色,透明,greenMoisture:根据客户的实际requirementsWidth: 1240 mmApplication:主要用于塑料薄膜的临时保护,低晶体,绕组整洁,没有皱纹,根据客户的实际需求,相关的保护膜产品可以产生高温120℃。
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