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Plastic parts protective film

by:LINYANG     2019-12-24

plastic parts protective film

plastic parts from large plastic plates to plastic model containers, plastic devices to electronic equipment housings, plastic can be described as a variety of dolls, everywhere.

But in order to protect the safety of the surface of the plastic parts, from the workshop meeting in the manufacturing process to the final delivery to the user, careful care is needed during this period. Scratches, industrial solvents, paint mistakes and various pollutants will damage the surface of plastic parts, increase costs and reduce the value of products. The molding, polishing, cutting, transportation, spraying, transportation, processing, storage, installation and other processes of plastic parts may encounter the risks mentioned earlier. So whether you are dealing with polycarbonate (Referred to as PC) Acrylic, or PET plastic parts, we can provide you with the appropriate plastic surface protective film, size, color, thickness can be customized.

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