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Plastic film packaging continues to promote the development of film packaging equipment

by:LINYANG     2020-02-01

In recent years, plastic film packaging has gradually become a popular trend in the international packaging field due to its unique advantages. At the same time, the market demand for plastic film packaging equipment has also increased greatly, and the entire industry is showing a thriving scene.

What are the unique advantages of plastic film packaging?

compared with other packaging methods, plastic film packaging has obvious advantages. On the one hand, plastic film packaging has a wider application range and low cost. On the other hand, plastic film packaging has higher safety and can effectively reduce the problems of bottle explosion, injury and packaging pollution. According to the data, domestic beer and beverage manufacturers have begun to use plastic film packaging in the product portfolio packaging process, and other industries are also actively introducing and putting into use.

In this regard, industry insiders pointed out that in view of the rapid development and unique advantages of plastic film packaging, it is only a matter of time to replace traditional carton packaging and plastic turnover boxes, in the future, it will certainly occupy most of the market share of the packaging industry.

In this context, plastic film packaging equipment has undoubtedly become'Xiang Bobo'. It is reported that many domestic enterprises have developed plastic packaging machinery through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, and the sales momentum is strong. Among them, two enterprises in Guangdong: Guangdong Light Industry Machinery No. 2 Factory Co. , Ltd. and Guangdong Light Industry Machinery Group Co. , Ltd. even regard plastic film packaging equipment as the core business of the company, in order to get a share in the attractive plastic film packaging equipment market.

at the same time, with the continuous promotion of the application of plastic film packaging, the market prospect of plastic film packaging equipment will be very worthy of expectation.

However, relevant experts also remind that as more and more enterprises enter this field, the future market competition will become more intense, however, how to develop plastic-related products with better performance and more in line with market demand so as to consolidate their own advantages in the market competition has undoubtedly become an important topic that every enterprise must think about.

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