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Plastic film for food packaging in the world

by:LINYANG     2020-02-08


with the continuous improvement of people's requirements for quality of life and food safety, more and more requirements and higher standards are put forward for the functionality of food packaging. In this situation, countries around the world are also very active in developing new varieties of plastic films for food packaging to meet the humanized needs of the market to the greatest extent.

France introduced two kinds of ordinary polyethylene (pvc) A new packaging film processed from the material, which can be used to identify whether the packaged food is a genetically modified raw material. Using this specially treated pvc film for packaging can identify whether its packaging contents such as soybean oil are processed from genetically modified soybean raw materials. Even for only 5%- 10% genetically modified soybean food can also be clearly identified. France has also introduced a double-layer superimposed film dedicated to packaging meat to the market. The outer layer is a high-density polyethylene film with special structure and performance, and the inner layer is edible paper. The use of the film to package meat can solve the problem that the common material packaging meat will be soaked in bleeding and grease, and it is not easy to separate and the surface is hard to form, it can maintain the original color, aroma and taste of meat.

recently, a British company has successfully developed a new type of plastic food packaging, which has passive and active barrier functions and can effectively inhibit oxygen infiltration, even after the food bag is cooked, the effect will not be weakened. The new plastic food packaging can not only prolong the storage period of products, but also can be directly heated by microwave oven, which is especially suitable for packaging instant noodle foods. This new packaging is composed of 6 layers of different materials. The second layer is polypropylene, which is a polymeric material with high oil resistance; The second and fourth layers are adhesive; The third layer is the oxygen barrier polymerization material EVOH; The fifth layer is a mixture of deoxidizer, known as an active barrier, which not only prevents foreign oxygen molecules from entering, but also absorbs oxygen in the package; The last layer is polypropylene material. In the new package, the oxygen remover can still maintain its activity even in the presence of moisture, thus prolonging the shelf life of food.

Switzerland has recently developed, produced and introduced to the market special cover films for microwave oven products--Simkaxin. The film is not only resistant to high pressure, but also has good anti-fog property. This cover film is specially used for heating various dishes in microwave oven, which can be heated quickly and conveniently for consumption. During the heating process, the pressure generated by water vapor can be safely released through the film. A plastic processing company in ruitu has successfully developed a chemical self-destruction plastic that can gradually dissolve and no longer pollute the environment. This chemical self-destruction plastic is sprayed with a special formula of solvent, which can react with the plastic to gradually dissolve the plastic and become a substance that can be washed away by water. After the composite plastic film produced by this new type of plastic is made into food and beverage packaging, once the packaging is torn open, the inner layer coated with special reagents absorbs moisture in the air, when reacted with a polymer with a reaction Group, the film will slowly decompose like a perforation.

according to overseas media reports, German scientists have successfully developed antibacterial plastic packaging using medical professional technology. This packaging is suitable for the packaging of liquid beverages such as milk, which is an important change in the field of food packaging technology. Researchers from the German processing factory and the packaging technology Association used the coating technology to coat the plastic packaging film with a layer of anti-corrosive antibacterial material to replace the preservatives added to the food. This kind of coating can be realized by composite resin and other basic materials and special technologies.

influenced by the international packaging trend, domestic beer and beverage manufacturers began to use plastic film packaging materials in the product portfolio packaging process, gradually replacing traditional cartons. The advantages of plastic film packaging are: low packaging cost; It can effectively reduce the explosion of the bottle and hurt people, and can solve the problem of pollution of the surface of the memory bottle during the circulation and stacking of the plastic turnover box; It has a wide range of applications and can be used for packaging products such as glass bottles, metal cans and cartons; Can give consumers a refreshing feeling.

due to its many advantages, the market demand for plastic film packaging equipment has increased greatly, so the prospect of plastic packaging is very optimistic. By introducing advanced foreign technology, more than ten companies including Guangdong Light Industry Machinery Co. , Ltd. , Guangdong Light Industry Machinery Group Co. , Ltd. and Nanjing Henghao Machinery Industry Co. , Ltd. have developed plastic packaging machinery, and the sales momentum is strong.

industry experts believe that the market prospect of plastic film packaging machinery and equipment is broad, and more enterprises will join this field in the future, and the competition will become increasingly fierce. How to reflect their own advantages and characteristics, manufacturing enterprises should not only work hard on product quality, but also develop equipment with different specifications and performance from the actual needs of different industries and large and small enterprises.

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