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Plastic electrostatic protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-16
Plastic is made from injection molding of plastic raw materials and plastic products. A wide range of applications, the pieces of plastic in the production of life everywhere, plastic protection is a problem that nots allow to ignore. In the process of product sales, to keep the surface of the plastic parts clean and in the process of production sales and transportation protect products from scratch, a scratch, boost product sales. Give customers a satisfactory products experience. A lot of raw material plastic, commonly used for PE/PP/PVC/PS/ABS/PMMA/POM/PC/PA. ABS + PC plastic as specular plastic products are widely used, its protection is often referred to as the difficulties faced by production enterprises, some black glossy plastic protective film in ABS + PC will appear problem, such as glue marks, produces chemical reaction, crystal point, the drop rubber, etc. Highlights of plastic protective film usually choose thickness of 0. 5 mm, low viscosity adhesive transparent membrane.
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