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'Plastic Bags' without any logo also dare to put out to sell?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-21

It is reported that on March 17, law enforcement officers of Kuiwen industrial and commercial Branch found that four plastic shopping bag operators were suspected of operating unqualified plastic bags during a market inspection on Weizhou Road in their jurisdiction, these unqualified plastic bags amounted to 6500.

from the appearance, these unqualified plastic bags without any logo are obviously thinner than regular plastic bags. Law enforcement officers randomly took samples with a micrometer for measurement. The thickness of plastic bags was mostly 0. 005-0. 02mm or so. Far below the national thickness of 0. 025mm, belonging to'Ultra-thin'Plastic bags do not meet national standards.

According to article 35th of the Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China The seller shall not sell products that are explicitly eliminated and stopped by the state and products that are invalid or deteriorated'Regulations. From June 1, 2008, it is forbidden to produce, sell and use nationwide. The thickness is less than 0. 025mm of plastic shopping bags include ultra-thin plastic shopping bags in the elimination category. The behavior of the four plastic shopping bag operators violated this regulation. After the law enforcement personnel on-site inventory, a total of 6500 kilograms, according to law to be sealed up.

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