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Plastic bags should be made of colored and ultra-thin plastic bags that cannot contain food

by:LINYANG     2020-01-31

February 27 News

recently, a Chinese Consumers Association said that the bowl bag is poisonous information widely circulated on the Internet, the source of this news is the consumer warning issued by the China Consumers Association for Temple snacks during the Spring Festival. Plastic bags have penetrated all aspects of our lives. Is there any poison in it, what kind of food can be loaded, what kind of food can't be, and how can we use plastic bags healthily and correctly? Really should have a good understanding.

which materials are plastic bags made of

The main raw material of plastic bags commonly used in our daily life is polyethylene (PE)And polyvinyl chloride (PVC)Two.

polyethylene is the largest and most important material for plastic products, and is currently the most ideal material for contacting food bags in the world, food packaging bags on the market are generally made of polyethylene.

polyvinyl chloride is currently the second largest plastic variety in the world after polyethylene. It is mainly used to produce plastic packaging bags, PVC bags and composite bags, it can also be used for packaging covers such as books, folders, tickets, etc.

are plastic bags poisonous?

polyethylene (PE) It is recognized as the best material for food contact in the world. It is non-toxic, tasteless and odorless. It meets the hygiene standards for food packaging and can be used to contain food. Plastic bags made of polyethylene in life are mainly plastic wrap and plastic wrap bags.

polyvinyl chloride (PVC) It is not toxic in itself, but when producing plastic bags with it, in order to increase its flexibility, transparency and wear resistance, plasticizers and some additives that must be added are harmful substances to human body and have certain toxicity. The color ultra-thin plastic bags on the market are basically processed with recycled materials. They are not suitable for food, including fruits and vegetables, and can only be used as garbage bags.

How to judge which plastic bags can be used to hold food

in terms of color, ultra-thin plastic bags with color cannot be used to hold food; In terms of shape, plastic bags that can be carried are rarely made of polyethylene and cannot be directly loaded with food. This is because plastic bags that can be carried are mostly used as outer packaging, and the raw materials are mostly polyvinyl chloride and recycled materials.

what should be paid attention to when using plastic bags

even plastic bags for food cannot be used to hold'Hot food'And'Oil food'. Food with plastic bags, plastic wrap of raw materials polyethylene (PE) Although it is non-toxic, it is not 100% polymerized. There will still be some small molecules. Once they encounter high temperature, they may run out and enter the human body with food, it is recommended not to use plastic bags for food over 70℃; And oil and polyethylene (PE) They are all organic compounds that are soluble. For plastic bags, oil is a solvent. Generally speaking, after 2 hours of contact with oily foods and plastic bags, the migrated chemical molecules will reach a peak.

even plastic bags for food should not be directly put into microwave oven with food for heating. In fact, it will not heat up if the food is heated in a microwave oven with plastic bags and plastic wrap alone, but when it comes into contact with food, the heated food will heat it up. The only plastic product that can be heated in a microwave oven is polypropylene (PP) Box is a common fresh-keeping box in our life. It can withstand a high temperature of 120 ℃. The box body of the fresh-keeping box can directly contact with food. Most of the lid is not polypropylene (PP) Therefore, when heating food with it, do not fill the food, do not cover the box, and put on a layer of plastic wrap (Be careful not to contact with food)Heat it in a microwave oven.

now we have realized the composition of plastic bags and which plastic bags can safely hold food. This can avoid the damage of plastic bags to us.

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